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HOuseholds' energy Poverty in the EU: PERspectives for research and policies (HOPPER)

Key points

The purpose of the HOPPER project is to enhance scientific knowledge and to train professionals with an energy-related profile, and to engage the civil society and policymakers on possible solutions to alleviate energy poverty, a condition that jeopardize EU social values. This arising problem across European countries requires the adoption of a new approach: this issue is funded on economic conditions, but involves also a social and a technical dimension. Therefore, new professional profiles need to be prepared. A process of cross-fertilization of knowledge is also desirable: technical professionals as engineers, energy managers and architects – who manage energy efficiency patterns – must be aware of the characteristics and determinants of this phenomenon to contribute to its solution. Finally, civil society and policymakers should be engaged to incentivize and adopt the best practices to limit energy poverty.

last update: 12-Aug-2020
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