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HOuseholds' energy Poverty in the EU: PERspectives for research and policies (HOPPER)

Maria Grazia Pazienza



Working place

University of Florence

Department of Economics and Management



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Skills and expertise

Maria Grazia Pazienza’s research and teaching activities are mainly focussed on public finance and effects of taxes, with particular emphasis on environmentally-related taxation as a key instrument to combat climate change. The impact analysis of environmental taxes has been mainly conducted through microsimulation models, a tool developed thanks to the EU funded DIECOFIS project. She has been a short-term expert in a TWINNING project (Italy-Morocco), giving advices on environmental projects to the Moroccan Ministry of Environment. Moreover, she has been involved in the EU-funded “Think Tank project” on the Public Budget consequences of climate change policy; the research group gathered different institutions among which European University Institute. She has been visiting the Centre for Tax policy and Administration OECD (Paris), where she joined a research group on energy taxation and energy subsidies. She is currently a member of the Tax expenditure report commission, appointed by the Ministry of Finance. She has been teaching courses on Public Policy, Taxation and Environmental Economics both at undergraduate and graduate level.

Selected publications

Bardazzi, R., M.G.Pazienza (2018). Ageing and private transport fuel expenditure: do generations matter?, Energy Policy, 117, 396-405

Bardazzi, Rossella; Pazienza, Maria Grazia (2017). Switch off the light, please! Energy use, aging population and consumption habits. Energy Economics, vol. 65, pp. 161-171, ISSN:0140-9883

Stefano F. Verde; Pazienza, Maria Grazia (2016). Energy and climate hand-in-hand: Financing RES-E support with carbon revenues. Energy Policy, vol. 88, pp. 234-244, ISSN:0301-4215

Bardazzi, Rossella; Pazienza, Maria Grazia; Tonini, Alberto (a cura di) (2016). European Energy and Climate Security. Public Policies, Energy Sources, and Eastern Partners. di Rossella Bardazzi, Maria Grazia Pazienza, Alberto Tonini, Springer, pp. 1-297, ISBN: 978-3-319-21301-9

Rossella Bardazzi; Maria Grazia Pazienza; Filippo Oropallo (2015). Do manufacturing firms react to energy prices? Evidence from Italy. Energy Economics, vol. 49, pp. 168-181, ISSN:0140-9883

Rossella Bardazzi; Maria Grazia Pazienza (2014). Carbon pricing and distributional effects on firms: a methodological survey. In: Tiezzi Silvia,Martini Chiara. Is the environment a luxury?, pp. 128-156, London: B. Riffenburgh Ed., Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, New York (NY); ISBN:9781315819594

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