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HOuseholds' energy Poverty in the EU: PERspectives for research and policies (HOPPER)

Marc Ingo Wolter



Working place

Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung mbH



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Skills and expertise

Marc Ingo Wolter is head of the GWS division ‘Economic and Social Affairs’. After studying economics, he worked as a research assistant at the University of Osnabrueck. Since 1998, he works at GWS and is responsible for predominantly long-term projects for public as well as private clients. Marc Ingo Wolter has extensive experience in the development and appliance of macro-economic models as well as in establishing empirical evaluations. His research focus lies on socio-economic development on the background of economic and structural demographic change. His research areas cover the development of the labour market and industry sectors related to growth and employment on the national and regional level as well as the impacts of demographic change.

Selected publications

Wolter, M. I., Mönnig, A., Hummel, M., Weber, E., Zika, G., Helmrich, R., Maier, T. & Neuber-Pohl, C. (2016): Economy 4.0 and its labour market and economic impacts * Scenario calculations in line with the BIBB-IAB qualification and occupational field projections. (IAB-Forschungsbericht, 13/2016), Nürnberg, 63 S.

Maier, T., Zika, G., Mönnig, A., Wolter, M.I., Kalinowski, M., Hänisch, C., Helmrich, R., Schandock, M., Neuber-Pohl, C., Bott, P., Hummel, M.: Wages and occupational flexibilities as determinants of the interactive QuBe labour market model. Discussion Papers No. 149. Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Bonn (2014)

Stocker, A., Großmann, A., Madlener, R. & Wolter, M.I. (2011): Sustainable energy development in Austria until 2020: Insights from applying the integrated model "". Energy Policy, 39 (10), pp. 6082-6099, doi: 10.1016/j.enpol.2011.07.2009

Blobel, D., Gerdes, H., Pollitt, H., Barton, J., Drosdowski, T., Lutz, C., Wolter, M.I. & Ekins, P. (2011): Implications of ETR in Europe for Household Distribution. In: Ekins, P. & Speck, S. [ed.]: Environmental Tax Reform (ETR) - A Policy for Green Growth, Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 236-290.

Lutz, C., Meyer, B. & Wolter, M.I. (2010): The Global Multisector/Multicountry 3E-Model GINFORS. A Description of the Model and a Baseline Forecast for Global Energy Demand and CO2-Emissions. International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, 10(1-2), pp. 25-45.


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